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Verification & Validation

Primate participates with customers to test and evaluate the video wall manufacturer hardware, controller, and wall management software to verify that the video wall components match customer’s performance requirements and work as specified and expected by customer. Testing for verification and validation are confirmed operational with content visualization software. For large video surfaces where the feasibility of testing in customer’s exact configuration is prohibitive, simulated sizes may be prepared.

For testing, Primate develops and provides diagrams with simulated data. Primate works collaboratively with the customer and video wall supplier(s) emulating an environment as close as possible to the customer’s requirements. Representatives of the customer, the video wall manufacturer, processor/controller manufacturer, AV Integrator and Primate witness these tests. Customers evaluate system performance, noting the graphics, animation, CPU utilization and responsiveness of the proposed AV solution on the content and software provided by Primate (or other parties).
  • A test display built by Primate’s graphics team using point updates and graphic functions similar to customer’s environment when under normal operations and when under stressed conditions;
  • System database and simulations of data volume and rate of change common for the customer, including normal operational times and times of system stress; and
  • Visual reviews of performance.