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Primate Technologies, Inc. Primate Technologies, Inc. Primate Technologies, Inc. Primate Technologies, Inc.
Our Goal
To visually improve situational awareness in control room environments by making actionable intelligence available faster, while providing support for decision-making at all levels.
Our Mission
Our highly experienced and dedicated team uses a development process that is unique to each mission critical control room environment. This allows customers to visually maximize the benefits of their Primate solution. As the sought after situational awareness leader, Primate strives to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, automation and resiliency in real-time operations.
The Primate System
Primate provides real-time, mission critical software solutions that focus on system monitoring, visualization, communication and intelligent alarming across single or multiple systems. This provides enhanced situational and operational awareness in secure settings.

Real–time data consolidation is the cornerstone of our situational awareness system, but an efficient, uncluttered and concise presentation of mission critical data is the unique hallmark of a Primate Technologies System.
Recent Events
Featured News
PRESS RELEASE: Primate Technologies, Inc. Develops Electrical Monitoring System for NASA
Melbourne, Florida: Primate Technologies, Inc. (Primate) is pleased to announce the successful deployment and commissioning of the Power Systems Visualization System for NASA's Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center (KSC)... (read more)