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Aggregation & Integration

Primate’s customers often introduce new data sources to their Primate system. Primate works with the customer support teams to understand the best source and method to obtain the data required by the operations team. Primate also works with the support team to understand the precise architecture, including network, telecommunications, security constraints, and changes to existing servers or location for any additional servers that may be needed. The best approach to interface to each of the systems and to integrate data is explored.

The interfaces are often industry or information technology standard interfaces. However, it is also not unusual that Primate, working with and on behalf of a customer, develops a specific interface to a system. So, for some interface development, Primate uses an application program interface (API) of another vendor instead of Primate's internally developed API.
Regardless of the interface methodology, Primate works with the customer’s support team to select the best interface approach to obtain data for improved situational awareness. This data is integrated from various computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to provide a unified view.