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Control Room Display Design

Primate provides customized display development services that maximize the aesthetics and functional effectiveness of each control rooms' unique environment. Primate provides a guided detailed design process, known as the SASYS℠ design process, to control room operators, dispatchers and the support staff. The SASYS℠ design process in unison with cyber-secure data extraction and implementation ensures the delivery of refined and polished displays.
  • ASSISTED DESIGN GUIDANCE: Primate provides a customized design process (SASYS℠) that engages users and determines the best usage of video walls, schematic diagrams and geographic maps.
  • CONFIGURABLE DYNAMIC OBJECTS: Objects and symbols dynamically linked to represent alerts and normal/abnormal states which are easily viewed and noted.
  • OPTIMIZED DISTANT VIEWING: Displays designed and optimized for effective viewing performance on LCD, LED, MapBoard, VideoWall or Overhead Projection hardware environments.
  • EFFECTIVE DESKTOP NAVIGATION: Ability to navigate, pin, pan and zoom at the operators, dispatchers and support staffs desktop.
  • IMPROVED STAFF PERFORMANCE: Control room operators, dispatchers and the support staff will be able to focus more efficiently on tasks without being overloaded by information or incurring extra work to manually rebuild current databases, displays or programs.
  • CYBER-SECURE SYSTEM SAFETY: The cyber-secure extraction and implementation of system data which provides the linking of dynamic objects and in turn a quicker response to critical situations.