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Dynamic Content Projection

Dynamic content projection (Situational Awareness² or SA²) was designed by Primate’s engineering team to provide the software animation and viewing process for schematic and/or geographic representation.

With high-resolution front projection, dynamic content is projected onto a printed surface or a mapboard. The projected dynamic content of grid anomalies delivers situational awareness, increased efficiency, and improved reliability to control rooms.

This proves to be an excellent, cost effective solution for a primary control center or a backup control center in which the primary control center has Primate’s real-time data visualization software for video walls.
  • HIGHLIGHTING ANOMOLIES: Control Room data projected onto a surface; either a mapboard, paper, or other medium with high resolution graphics.
  • RELIABILITY & AVAILABILITY: SA² presents visual anomalies to operators and dispatchers prior to alarm conditions and even assists operators and dispatchers when situations are inevitable.